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Cooked Coturnix Quail Meat

Frozen Coturnix Quail Meat in Danville, PA

Quail meat has a wild, robust flavor; however, its taste is less aggressive than other game birds. Satisfy your appetite for food that has a natural kick by purchasing our frozen Coturnix quail meat in Danville, PA. Although its texture is more fibrous than chicken or turkey, quail meat has a richer flavor than traditional poultry. Contact us for quality quail meat.

Quality Quail Meat and Quail Eggs

Enjoy the Rich Flavor of Quail Meat

We harvest the meat in October when the quail is six months old. Then we take it to a certified butcher for cleaning and packaging and affixing the USDA seal on the meat to indicate it is ready for delivery. If you're not sure how to prepare and serve quail, we also provide quail recipes.